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We just had the first Global Meetup for Andela ALC 4.0 on Saturday the 29th of June 2019. It was live-streamed on YouTube to all the learners who could not attend the physical meetups. This allowed mentors from the Mobile Web Specialist Track, Android Track and Cloud Developer Track to walk through the Pluralsight content and to explain to the learners what should be focused on. This also allowed us to share extra information and links to the learners and to answer any questions that they might have. I will be including the YouTube video here in this blog post if you missed it or if you want to watch it again.


  • 00:00 - Introductions
  • 05:15 - Mobile Web Specialist Track
  • 57:50 - Cloud Track
  • 1:51:30 - Android Track

My thoughts

I was asked to do the Mobile Web Specialist section of the live-stream. This was the first public live-stream that I’ve ever done. I’ve been in online meetings before on Google Hangouts as well as Zoom but those usually consists of 4 to 7 people. This was in front of hundreds of learners that was listening to me and I can honestly say that I was a nervous wreck during the entire live-stream. I am a very critical person and I also have a lot of doubts about my skill as a Web Developer (Imposter Syndrome).

Even though I felt like I flopped a bit and could have done a better job, I do feel that I provided valuable information and resources to the learners. I also answered questions that came up a lot in Slack the last few weeks as well as questions asked in the YouTube chat. Hopefully this is the start of more live-streaming and that I become much better at doing this. I am very thankful for Andela for providing me with the opportunity to do the Mobile Web Specialist section of the live-stream. I also know that a lot of the learners are also thankful that Andela provided this live-stream as a opportunity for those who were unable to attend the physical meetups.


So during the live-stream I did show and share a lot of extra resources for the Mobile Web Specialist track. I am including the links here in this blog post for any learners who want to use those resources. I am also including a few extra resources that can be beneficial to those learning Web Development.

  1. Google Mobile Web Specialist Study Guide
  2. Mozilla Developer Documentation
  3. Google Developer Documentation
  4. Service Workies (Service Worker Game)
  5. freeCodeCamp
  6. Flexbox Zombies
  7. CSS-Tricks
  8. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial
  9. A Gamified Learning Platform
  10. What The Flexbox
  11. CSS Grid
  12. JavaScript 30
  13. Frontend Mentor

More Information

There have been a few recurring questions that come up either in Slack or on the ALC Facebook Page. I’m going to give general information and links about our ALC Scholarship program for anyone that still needs it.

  1. If you need to generate a ALC Slack Invite this ALC Slack Invite Page.
  2. There is a ALC Facebook page you can join as well.
  3. If you need to download the course videos to watch offline you must only use the Pluralsight Official Downloaders. Using third-party services can get your Pluralsight account banned and subsequently disqualified for the Scholarship. The offline progress will sync online when you are connected to the internet.
  4. You can also use the Pluralsight with Google FAQ Page to get more information about how the phases will work and what will be required of us in each phase of the Scholarship.
  5. If you need to retake the Skill IQ Tests for the HTML, CSS and JavaScript Paths you need to make sure that you are confident that you have studied for the test. If you do not have the option to take an IQ test then you do not currently qualify for a retake. You can read this Pluralsight Skill IQ FAQ Page on how to qualify for a Skill IQ retake test.
  6. Our Pluralsight subscription for this ALC 4.0 Scholarship ends on 15 January 2020. After that you will lose access to all the content online and what has been downloaded offline. You will have to pay a monthly subscription to continue having access to the Pluralsight content.

Found an issue or have any recommendations? Please open an issue on my Github repository.

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